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Call Schedule

Using Call Schedule

Call schedules often do not neatly fit into scheduling apps. This app provides a clean & convenient way to see your call schedule on the iPhone© or iPod Touch© in a tablular format. Also, your schedule updates automatically via the internet.

Call Schedule app provides two distinct functions:

  • Schedule Viewer
    Used to view a published call schedule.
  • Schedule Builder
    Used to build and publish a call schedule for your group. Rule-based automatic schedule creation and manual editing of the schedule are both supported.


Schedule Viewer

Using the viewer is very simple: Obtain the 5-letter schedule ID from the person who makes your call schedule and enter it into the "Settings" tab. Then tap on the "Schedule" tab. Your schedule will appear.

To view a sample schedule use the schedule ID: sample


Schedule Builder

Building the schedule is a bit more involved: A schedule consists of three things: Activities that need to filled such as Night Call, Day Call, etc., Persons who do some or all of these activities and Assignments. Making a schedule means assigning a person to each activity for each day while observing any rules that may be defined.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

STEP 1: Select the "Make" tab on the black tab bar.

STEP 2: Select "Make A New Schedule". Enter a name for the schedule and select dates. Then press "Save".

STEP 3: Select the Schedule just created. A menu screen with a list of actions will be presented.

STEP 4: (Optional): Select "Define National/Group Holidays". This will bring up a blank list. Tap on the title bar to download US holidays. Or press the "+" button to add a holiday. When finished with adding required holidays, select "Back" on top left to go back to the menu screen. If your schedule does not take holidays into consideration, you do not need to complete this step.

STEP 5: (Required): Select "Describe Activitites". A screen for adding activities will appear. Press "Add Activity". In the pop-up screen give the activity a name and select how often one person can be assigned for this activity (e.g. Night Call no more frequent than every 3rd day), and whether the activity is to be assigned on a daily basis, weekly basis or week-end basis. Also you can select which days of the week need to be covered. Add all of the various activities you need to fill before proceeding to the next step. When you are done adding activities, go back to the menu screen.

STEP 6: (Optional): Select "Define Relationships between activities". For each activity, you can define whether a person can be assigned to any other activities on the same day. You can also define what activities the same person may be assigned to on the following day. e.g. you may want that a person on night call today should not be assigned to anything on the following day. When you are done define relationships go back to the menu screen.

STEP 7: (Required): Select "Define Personnel". Press "Add Person". In the pop-up screen give a three letter initial for the person. This will be used to display the name on the schedule. Full names are not required and cannot be entered. Also supply a single letter initial for each person. This will be used to display vacations. Then add vacations for the person and select all activities this person is qualified to perform. Optionally, you may select the blue button for each activity to add further detail such as quota and days of the week the person is available.

STEP 8: (Recommended): Now all of your hard work pays off. Press "Make Schedule Automatically". Your schedule will be prepared according the rules, persons and activities you specified. Any dates that cannot be filled in will be left blank. You can fill these later. When you press "Make Schedule Automatically", before it proceeds to making the schedule, it asks you whether you want to preserve any previously assigned calls. This is useful if you are redoing a previously prepared schedule.

For example, you may want to manually assign certain critical calls, such as holiday or weekend calls, before making the schedule automatically.

STEP 9: (Required): Once the schedule is made to your satisfaction using a combination of automatic and manual assignments, press "Publish Online" to publish your schedule. Upon successful publication you receive a 5-letter code. Please save this code. Give this code to everyone who you want to be able to view your schedule. They can view it but cannot change it. This code can be used to view your schedule on another iPhone or on the website



Show Schedule: Use this to see the schedule on your own iPhone before it is published.

Edit Schedule Manually: This allows you to assign calls manually. Each page shows all activities for one day. For each activity, you can cycle through all available persons by pressing the left or right arrow keys. Person names appear in green or red, showing whether they can be on-call on this day based on the rules you specified.

The green button allows you look for possible call switches. This is useful only after the schedule has been fully prepared once.

Review Statistics: This gives you a breakdown of number of calls assigned to each person for each week-day.

Make A Copy: Makes a copy of the current state of the schedule and names it by date and time that it was made. This allows you to save the current state while you experiment with any major changes.

Balance Call Assignments: Attempts to more evenly distribute Weekend, Friday and Thursday calls, if you wish to do so.

Make Online Backup: backs up the your schedule online, so that your work will be saved in case of catastrophic device failure.

Restore from Online Backup: Replaces the schedule on your device with the online backup.

Delete All Assignments: Deletes all call assignments without deleting the basic data such as activities, persons, etc. This is useful for making the schedule for the next scheduling period: Just delete all assignments, change the start and end date and press "Make Schedule Automatically".

NOTE: When you publish a new schedule with a different name or different start/end date, a new 5-letter code is automatically assigned so that your previously published schedule is not overwritten.




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